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This website was updated May, 2017.

Are you looking for a unique place to call home…. that combines beauty and comfort with a true sense of community and the latest in sustainable design?

  • A non-traditional development that feels like an old fashioned neighborhood
  •  Extensive walkways that connect people to each other and the lush gardens and landscape
  •  Efficient homes with open plans, private sanctuaries, and minimal utility costs
  • Community facilities that promote interaction and education, as well as relaxation

 We are creating a unique community which combines the well known attractions of the Lake Chapala area with the latest in sustainable community design focusing on healthy living and life-long learning. For decades this region of Mexico has been popular with international visitors and retirees because of the “perfect” climate, natural beauty, affordable cost of living, and rich Mexican culture. So how can we improve on this amazing place?


Our goals include building residences that are beautiful, comfortable, resource efficient and sustainable. Our site design will have extensive common facilities surrounded by a lush landscape and connected by walkways. We plan to take it two steps further – by  creating a true sense of community, and hosting ongoing educational programs at our unique Multiversity, located conveniently on site.

Using our development team's extensive knowledge of Cohousing, we have carefully planned the physical design to enhance interaction, so that our residents can easily connect with friends and neighbors. By encouraging relationships through formal and informal activities, the residents will enjoy the feel of an old fashioned neighborhood. This will be a place where everyone is known and appreciated; where teaching and learning, relaxing and adventuring, giving and receiving is all part of daily life….. A rich life…… A wonderful life.

Come and dream with us, the best is yet to be.

We have special incentives for early buyers. And it will take special people to make this village its very best. Will you be one of them?

If you wish to download a single page brochure about Rancho La Salud Village, click here.

We have a presentation of the project available.

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